Making a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are small miniature gardens built mainly of tiny accessories and plants designed to entice fairies. They can often be indoors gardens with soil only used for growing plants, or they might be miniature container gardens designed primarily for the inside of a house most of the time, except for a few hours each day. Some fairy garden designs are designed for outdoor use year-round, but there is no need to keep your Fairy Garden constantly outdoors.

fairy garden

You don’t have to have an elaborate fairy garden to keep fairies happy, just a few ideas will get you started. A good place to start is with perennials, as they grow fast, can spread easily, and are easy to maintain. The easiest of these types of plants to care for is a pot plant, as they are very inexpensive and simple to take care of. If you don’t like flowers, but want something more seasonal, then a few dwarf irises will probably do fine. Watering is pretty easy, just use a water spray bottle from the tap when you need to, and keep your plants well watered.

Another option for an indoor fairies garden is a succulent garden, such as a mix of peppers, strawberries, and herbs. These work well if you don’t mind waiting a while for them to bloom, and most of them don’t need much attention once they’re planted, except perhaps some light pruning to keep them healthy. Most succulents need to have their own pots, which make it easier to care for, but it’s not necessary.

For something a little more creative, you could try to create one or more fountains in your fairy garden. The simplest and least expensive way to create one is by using a few large rocks, filling them with sand, planting a variety of succulents in them, and letting them sit for a few weeks. This is probably the easiest way you can go about trying to create a fairy garden, and it’s definitely the most “natural” looking. You can even place some pebbles or other things that would look good in your fountain in the sand if you’d like. This doesn’t require a lot of care, and you’ll probably be surprised at how good your fountain looks once it’s up and running!

For a container garden, you might think you have no options but to choose between the two choices above. But, if you’re willing to put in a little work, you can find containers that are designed specifically for creating a fairy garden. A lot of the container gardening companies out there have a line of pots and pans that are decorated with different themes, colors, and patterns. Once you’ve picked out the theme you want to go with, you can look for cute terracotta pots (they have larger holes than regular Terra cotta) and fill them with soil and plants. You’ll also need to make sure the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot are big enough for your plants to get a foothold without being submerged.

Finally, if you have a smaller backyard, you can still have a great fairy garden. It all comes down to choosing the right size of containers for your plants. You don’t want to use too small of a container, because then they’ll get squashed and drown. On the other hand, you don’t want to use too big of a container, because then your garden will look cluttered and uneven. A medium-size container is perfect for medium-sized plants, and a large container is perfect for large plants. Just remember, however, that you have to make sure the drainage holes are large enough for your plants to swim.