Girls Butterfly, Fairy, and Angel Wings for Kids 6 Pack, Pink

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(as of 10/21/2021 02:36 UTC - Details)
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Sparkling and twinkling, these best-selling girls fairy wings are made of 100% nylon and embellished with glitters and the touch of a sparkling organza flower in the center. The shoulder strap gives great comfort and the straps are worn over your little princesses shoulders like a back pack. Great for any fairy princess parties dress up play and party favors. Pair with any of our costumes from our Party Accessories and Supplies.

  • Fly into a world of fantasy with our wonderful make believe fairy tale wings
  • Nurture imaginative play and add a little whimsy and magic to your kids' play time
  • Designed to fit 2-12 year olds, wings are 100% nylon, measure 22" x 10", and are adorned with sparkles and a shimmering organza flower in the center
  • Sturdy, elegant underwire construction, allows wings to bend and hold any desired shape and are worn with matched color shoulder straps

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