A New Thread for the Final Fantasy Franchise

Fairy Fencer F is an RPG hybrid game based on the famous Japanese manga/ Anime series of the same name. It is set in a world in which people called ” Fiends” live. These Fiends are the result of a pact that was brokered by Goddesses – one with a magical eye, the other with a destructive ability to destroy enemies. As punishment, these Fiends were transformed into creatures called “Laws”, who serve the humans who want them dead. In order to break a Fiend’s hold over humanity, a contract between a human called Tidus and one of his friends, Squall, is needed.

fairy fencer f

As part of the series, Fairy Fencer F also features new content not seen in the game previous to the release of the game. The first post of the new content involves Tidus and his friends trekking through Spira to locate the lost memories of their previous companions, which were broken into pieces when their homeland was devastated during a battle between Bahamut and Sin. One of the areas they find is the town of Macbeth, where there is a statue of a great Fiend called Shiva. Inside the temple, Shiva reveals that a war is coming, which will see the return of three major Goddesses, who would then cause a war that would eradicate all existence.

When Tidus and his friends arrive at the temple, Shiva attacks and uses his “Fiend Lash” attack that involves the use of his Fiend Vessel, which consists of a powerful spear. In the battle against Shiva, however, Tidus’ powerful swords skill comes in useful as his attacks are more powerful and hits more enemy units, though at the same time, he is unable to kill Shiva due to his lack of skills relevant to fighting dragons. The two subsequently engage in a lengthy sword battle, during which Shiva is defeated after using his own Fiend Lash on Tidus. After the battle, Shiva gives his sword to Tidus and his friends so that they may use it in battle against Bahamut and Sin. At the end of the game, Shiva leaves for another realm to do battle with Sin, while Tidus and his party return to Spira.

The second part of the story revolves around Tidus and his friends encountering Shiva again, where Shiva unleashes his Fiend Lash attack in the midst of their battle. He then causes more devastation with his other skills, destroying more of the village and its inhabitants and finally leaving only one survivor, Yuna, who is shielded by Lulu’s sphere. After Shiva finishes his rampage, Tidus, Yuna and their allies return to their own world. In the introductory cut scene, Tidus notes that Fiana and Fargo are gone, which puzzles the player until they learn from Lulu that the two were tending to Fiana’s sick child when Shiva struck. Then, Tidus deduces that the two must have been killed by the Fiends because Shiva, without a Fiend Lash, couldn’t harm anyone in his entire attack on Spira.

A couple of years later, in Final Fantasy X-X-HD, Tidus returns to Spira and this time he has two party members with him – his own apprentice, Aeion, and his best friend, Rinoa. When Tidus is put in control of the Dalmascan army once again, he finds himself not fighting against the Bahamut and Sin, but rather working with them. He offers to help his friends defeat Sin in return for their help in putting an end to his father’s rule over the conquered continent. As the party progresses through the game, they learn more about the elemental capabilities of each of their main fighters and how to transform them into more powerful and tactical individuals.

In Final Fantasy X-X-H, a year following the events in X-X-X, Tidus joins the High Acclaimed job team called Final Fantasy Force, headed by Yuna. During a battle with Archades, Tidus uses his Buster Sword on himself to cut off the tentacles that surround him and cause him to slip inside a Trance. While there, Tidus learns that his ability to use the Summoning music caused the fiends to lock him inside the Trance, trapping him there. They then proceed to steal the Summoning music piece from Tidus, so he can no longer use it to summon other fiends. This is when Tidus rises from his Trance to locate his lost friends, who are now searching for someone who can break the barrier between Spira and Telesia, someone who can defeat the Bahamut. With the aid of a new summoner, Tidus learns that his friends are now the champions of Final Fantasy X-H, and that Tidus was the chosen one to become their master.