Zelda Majora's Mask – A Review

Zelda Majora's Mask is the second part of the Zelda series. Link is once again summoned to this mystical world to eliminate Ganon and recover the Master Sword. Link once again faces Ganon armed with the Master Sword but this time, his faithful companion, Ganon, has a new mask. The goal here is to shoot the enemy without getting hit by his fireballs. In other words, you must aim your arrows to kill the enemies without touching them.

The game has been developed to include all the different kinds of fairies that we have come to love from the earlier games. When we play games, we always think of fairies as cute and funny. And the truth is that these fairies are just like that. However, in this game they are very cunning and powerful. This is why Link has to find and obtain the ultimate mask for it will take him to the heights he desires.

Throughout the game Link faces a lot of tricky situations involving tricky puzzles, wild animals and strange dungeons. Fairies here have their own funny features. Some of them can be useful like the potions that heal you when you are low on health or when you are cornered. Other fairies can be used as weapons to kill enemies or to throw at enemies to cause damage. Fairies can also be used to pull down bridges or pull down traps.

The game also incorporates some very original themes from previous Zelda games. For example, there are underground dungeons where Link must use his fairy to glide through. Fairies are also used to fly over dangerous areas like the lava tubes in the previous Zelda game.

In this game, Link also gets to dress up like a real fairy. He can change into Princess Zelda, the queen of hearts, to fairies, to frogs, and many more. There are also weapons given to Link such as the bow and the sword. These weapons can be upgraded while playing the game as well. There are also some very special items given to players which help them in battle.

Zelda Majora's Mask is an extremely popular game. It has become a gateway game for Nintendo Wii, and has been widely praised for its amazing graphics and musical score. It is not only a role playing game but also an excellent cartoon themed video game. The game’s impressive story and music coupled with its great animation and sound effects make this game an unforgettable experience.