Fairy X Male Reader Review – A Quick Review of the Book

The Fairy X Male Reader is the latest release from author Christina Crooks. This book has a mixture of romance, fantasy, horror, and humor in a clean simple story. As always with Christina Crooks, she writes from the heart and tries to keep her story very honest and down to earth. In this book the author introduces a new character, Evelyn, a shy, spoiled, and angry single mother who has just found out that her husband is having an affair with another woman. Once she realizes the terrible mistake she has made she must find the strength to overcome her personal sadness and anger and move on with her life.

Unfortunately, this book isn’t as exciting or fun as I thought it would be. Despite the positive reviews I’ve read on the book, I felt that I needed a bit more spice in the story. I was expecting more romance between Evelyn and her stepmother, more conflict between Evelyn and her brother, and more coming from the character of her stepmother. I think I could have gotten more out of this book by looking into the lives of those involved with the plot, but what I got actually wasn’t that interesting.

One thing I thought the book lacked was a fairy tale story that took place in the real world. I’m sure there are many readers who like this type of story because they feel that they relate to the characters and what they are going through more than others. However, for someone who doesn’t enjoy fairy tales, this book was a bit dry and even made me think that perhaps I needed a bit of fantasy to read!

The final scene in this book is one that made me really think about life in general. Evelyn finds herself standing on the edge of a cliff with her stepmother on the other side. She then considers what her next action should be. It was a great scene that brought a bit of life to an otherwise drab story.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The storyline is engaging, while still keeping things light-hearted and entertaining. If you’re a fan of fairy tales, especially the older ones, and you’re looking for a newer version of The Little Prince, you might find this a nice change of pace.

It’s a simple book with a fantastic story that makes you think. It’s easy to relate to because it’s so familiar. However, if you don’t care for fairy tales or don’t like reading stories about young girls, I wouldn’t recommend this book. For those who do enjoy these stories, however, it’s worth a read!