What Fairies Eat

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What Fairies Eat

Fairies Eat What? – The question of the year is “Do fairies eat what?” For this article, we’ll explore several theories and ideas on what fairies eat. For the sake of this article, when discussing what fairies eat, we’ll use the generic term ‘fairy’.

Does a fairy truly eat anything? It’s hard to say, since no one has ever seen a fairy hungry. Some people believe that fairies are exempt from the typical dietary requirements of all creatures, making it perfectly possible for them to consume any food they like. On the other side of the argument, some people believe that fairies are too delicate to eat a lot of ‘nasty’ foods, such as chocolate.

Let’s begin by examining what fairies eat. One popular theory is that a fairy may not actually need food but will instead consume magic bubbles. This is based on the idea that a fairy may have magical bubbles which can protect her from harm, and so must rely on the protection these bubbles provide. Since it is possible to create these bubbles, it could be that a fairy may rely on them in order to remain magically protected. Another idea is that fairies might only wear dentures, since teeth will attract insects and other creepy crawlies. These creatures would then be repelled by the dentures, causing the fairy not to need food.

Another theory on what fairies eat involves the idea that they receive their good luck from eating bad luck. It seems this would make sense, since any creature that eats bad luck will soon become poor themselves, or will eventually die. It is therefore natural for a fairy to wish to be in good health and thus will eat good luck foods to keep itself healthy. It could be that a Fairy is trying to ensure that it does not get sick or hurt itself. However, there is another side to this. If a fairy wishes badly enough, it may end up getting very sick or hurt or may not be able to prevent getting sick in the first place.

The question “what fairies eat” was addressed in another article on Stumpleford. A local resident spoke of a goose which lays blue eggs and being a hermit she finds it easy to take with her. According to her, the eggs turn into fairy dust, and this dust becomes the food of the fairies. Stumpleford residents believe that the goose must feed on the eggs every day, or the fairy dust will turn into faerie dust, which would make the fairies lose their ability to become fairies. A different resident suggested that the eggs could be left outside all year, and that the faeries would come by at random to eat them. Both of these ideas do not account for the fact that the goose lays eggs and has no way of knowing whether or not the eggs will turn into faerie dust.

Another idea that Stumpleford residents have put forth is that fairies eat flowers. The belief is that when a flower is pollinated by a bee or butterfly, then it will produce little tiny fairies. Although this may explain why fairies are so plentiful in the Forest of Fear, it does not account for the fact that a frog once lived there who ate flowers. There is no need to think of what a fairy actually eats any more than we need to think about what a frog eats, because according to most legends they do not consume food.